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Who are the Debate Club?

Trey Gwinn
10440738_905339022659_3999026875151866240_nNot much is known about Trey.  One day there was no records of his existence anywhere, the next there was full documentation of his entire life. Some people suspect he is in the witness protection program, others say he is a spy, a few conspiracy theorist believe he may be an alien, or the devil incarnate.  But most people just seem to not care and think he’s a really nice guy. If you have more information on Trey, please let us know, as we literally know nothing about this guy.



Shaun Grubbs

Born as a replacement for the brother his parents thought they’d never see again, Shaun spent his first few years reminding his parents that he was not his brother and he was in fact his own person.  Eventually his parents got the hint and let him develop his own likes and hobbies.  Unfortunately it was too late and he realized he was very much like his older brother.

After accepting his fate Shaun turned to a life of crime in order to escape his brother’s legacy.  First it was just the occasional comic book slipped under his shirt, but eventually that didn’t give him the high he was looking for.  By age 12 he was sticking up convenience stores with a realistic looking toy gun, the “L’ilest Thief” as the papers called him, was never caught.  At 18 he had graduated to bank robbery and with his gang “The Reasonable Dudes” had stolen millions from banks all across the southern United States.

At 22, feeling guilty for all he had done, Shaun turned himself in to the FBI and made a deal to serve his sentence as an FBI consultant in the white collar crime division.   You may have seen the USA show based on his life.


Jonathan Grubbs (Brothers!!)

Born on the fiery lakes of Mount Mordor, Editor Jonathan Grubbs, was raised by a pack of wild Orcs before being saved by a Fellowship. This motley crew of hobbits, elves, trolls, and human like creatures showed him a better way to live and sent him on a path to become the best Editor the world has ever seen.

For the past decade Grubbs has made a name for himself editing everything from movie trailers to half-finished feature films, and everything in between, including selling his soul for money and editing together the horribly shot recruitment videos for a big name, but hardly heard of, company that does something to do with technology (no one really knows what).

In the past few years Grubbs, now a father, has felt the old ways of his Orc raising calling his name and he has had to fight them back in order that he not eat his young. So far he has used editing as a way to hold this instinct at bay, and his daughters are safe…for now.


Bear Luc (Not actually a bear!!!)

When Bear was a small child, he got separated from his family and got lost in the woods.  He was found by a family of bears and spent the next three years being raised by them before being reunited with his family.   Strangely, while Bear had aged three years, his family hadn’t aged at all, to them he’d only been gone for five minutes.  But Bear never forgot his bear family, and the instincts taught at that time never truly left him.

Bear was shocked to discover when he was 13 that he had actually never spent anytime with a family of bears.  As it turned out, he was actually abducted by aliens in that forest.  The aliens kept him for nearly two decades in a partially frozen stasis, running lots of tests, including numerous probes.  The bear family memories were implants to help him cope with what happened.  Because of their methods, Bear only aged three years in the two decades they held him captive.  This discovery rocked Bear’s world and he went into a drug fueled craze for the next few years.

Things pretty much went back to normal from there.  Since then he’s been a heavy gamer and a chef.


Travis Tidmore

Travis Tidmore was once bitten by a radioactive spider giving him the amazing powers of radiation poisoning. Upon recovery, he was recruited by a top secret initiative in a top secret group led by a top secret dude with a classified name. Let’s call him….Fick Nury. Anyways, it turns out they just wanted Travis to <redacted> so that <redacted> could <redacted> and <oh, yeah, that’s DEFINITELY redacted>. It truly was Travis’ finest hour.

Since then he’s spent most of his time being a lawyer (like Daredevil…but with the amazing ability of EYESIGHT!), comic nerd (like Kick-ass from Kick-ass…but without the masochistic need to get stomped on by criminals), and family man (like Reed Richards…but without a mutant child that can literally change the fabric of reality to his whim…that we know of).