The Good Stuff that Happened in 2016: Shaun’s List

Look, no one is going to argue that 2016 didn’t suck. But some great stuff happened this year, too!  In the last few days of 2016, The Debate Team is going to do their darnedest to remind you that 2016 wasn’t a complete loss.


  1. Arrival continued the fall tradition that started in 2013 with Gravity (then Interstellar 2014/ The Martian 2015) of cinematic and expertly crafted sci-fi films. Also, Academy, give Amy Adams an Oscar please.arrival-trailer-001
  2. Star Wars is back! ‘Nuff said.
  3. Marvel Studios has creative control of Spider-Man and it is already looking like a bright future is ahead for the character theatrically (plus everything Marvel Studios did this year was great).
  4. SNL is funny again. In a year that gave us the worst President Elect since Warren Harding the show has found a way to make us laugh at the coming apocalypse in real time.160928162934-alec-baldwin-donald-trump-780x439
  5. Tom King is the most fully formed comic author to hit the scene in a decade. Writing such modern masterpieces as: Grayson, The Omega Men, The Vision and a Green Lantern one-shot that blew my mind.
  6. Radiohead returned for their 9th studio album and these five blokes from England always impress with A Moon Shaped Pool.maxresdefault
  7. Women! :  We almost got a Madam President! Three women of color were elected to the Senate! Ghostbusters! Jyn Erso! Simone Biles! Aly Raisman! Katie Ledecky! Simone Manuel! Maya Dirado! Dalilah Muhammed! Wonder Woman on the big screen! And billions of others.
  8. Kids Movies that actually had messages and consequences returned! Zootopia and The Jungle Book brought thoughtfulness and the angst of growing up back to movies aimed at the younger audience. More of this please.
  9. Stranger Things is the most acceptable addition to pop culture in 2016. I will send you to the Upside Down if you disagree!
  10. And finally:

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