First of all, thank you guys so much for checking out our website. If you’re here it’s probably safe to assume* you’ve listened to the podcast and wanted to check out more. So welcome and thanks for listening!

(*I know what assuming does, so if you haven’t listened to our podcast yet please check us out on iTunes, SoundCloud, or you’re favorite podcast app!)

You may be asking yourself “Self, what is Debate Club?”
I’m glad you asked, Debate Club is the podcast where nerds** you’ve never heard of argue about nerd stuff. Each week we set out to tackle three current topics in the world of nerdiness, be that comic books, movies, tv, books, heck, even presidents! On top of those arguments we take on a classic nerd debate to try and come up with a definitive answer***.

(** Feel free to substitute the word ‘Nerd’ with ‘Geek’ or an equivalent.
*** We usually don’t.)

“But self, who are these nerds we’ve never heard of?”
Good question, we are Trey, Shaun, Jonathan, Bear, and Travis. Trey and Shaun are the comic book gurus, Jonathan and Travis are the film guys, and Bear is the keeper of the games. While those are our main areas of focus we all share a lot of overlap. For more about us check out the About Us section.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and that you will come back here after each episode and share your thoughts with us. Our goal is to post most days of the week so keep checking back!


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